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3 section style hinge jian haft, ordinary haft, dig haft, large-scale haft, single a haft, bronze's haft or winebottle fort and relative to accessory

Taiwan's Extremely profession, area's biggest family's hardware manufacturer one of the. Commonalty's consumer's provider, as all sorts of haft's hardware give first place to body, possess following characteristic: . Entity and dummy look after both sides: Exert existing access' advantage, Exceed par value: Reference price already than ordinary market's price low

Profession manufacture all sorts of fiveGold haft's accessory's manufacturer. And by Ministry of Economic Affairs' industry Bureau comment jian eligibility center's satellite factory. This male Department think's profession develop's technology, continual dedicate to in quality, producing energy promotion ,product already erect good image and public praise at in the field, deep obtain all circles Sure with cherish. At present product chief supply domestic and Europe and America each's big trader. Will grasp hold good faith diligent really coherent management's concept, seek fit quality , homework energy. Fluctuate all's personnel crowd policy crowd strength, each's department it know, future will actively develop exportion, with China's bigness land, world every nation's known factory discuss cooperation, develop new product, zero group of, supply grant form a complete set. 

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